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we guide our clients through the turmoil of today’s campaigns.

For policy organizations and political candidates alike, we offer a range of financial, operational, and communications strategies. And we do it with a style all our own – passionate, precise, and yet also personable. 

Curious about our name?

Yes, there’s a story behind our name. Our roots are in Indiana, a place once renowned for its limestone quarries. In fact, Indiana was once the limestone capital of the world – it has been used in the construction of the Pentagon, the National Cathedral, the Empire State Building and the U. S. Department of Commerce – as well as the Indiana Statehouse and capital buildings across the country. Think of Limestone as a merger of Indiana roots with strategies focused on delivering the best results for our government, political and business clients.


Kevin Ober

Heather Neal

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General Campaign Consulting

Limestone Strategies guides campaigns through countless decisions that make the difference on Election Day. We develop winning strategies, detailed budgeting, survey analysis, message management, and more.

Communications Consulting

We create an environment for effective communications with the news media and on a variety of social and digital channels.

Issues & Coalitions

Whether it’s advancing an legislative initiative or advocating for a message, we develop a plan and campaign through targeted communications, media relations and coalition building.

Government Relations

We provide comprehensive legislative advocacy services – relationship management and lobbying – for the Indiana General Assembly. We also serve clients who require executive branch advocacy and state procurement strategies.

Policy Development

Businesses and nonprofit organizations rely on Limestone Strategies to develop proven policy programs. We leverage our deep background on a variety of issues.


Success often requires persuading and mobilizing a grassroots army to action. At Limestone Strategies, our success with grassroots campaign operations is second to none.

Susan Brooks

Todd Young
US Senator


“The team at Limestone is absolutely essential for campaign success.”

Our Clients

Our Clients



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